Aims & Objectives


 [+] Good Governance: How we monitor and evaluate what we do.
Project Monitor & Evaluation:

We will keep the attendance records and registers of the participants attending the activities.
Records will be kept of the progress of each child attending the project and reports of how they are performing.
Staff will be required to provide reports on a regular basis that will be discussed by the management committee
A final evaluation will take place at the end of the year to assess the impact of the project.
The project will be monitored on a monthly basis with an appraisal every 3 months.
A final full appraisal at the end of the project will be made with a production of a report. The final report will take into account all quantitative and qualitative aspects including all feedback from the beneficiaries.

Zodiac Arts carried out a survey during April 2007 through extensive outreach work with local residents, children & young people and members of the community and identified that disability youth provision, or the lack of it in the area, was a major concern to all. The range of needs identified was diverse and included issues affecting disable young people.The service users of our all projects have opportunities to make suggestions, advice and also take part in the initial planning. Particularly, every quarter Zodiac Arts organises meetings with their service users, where the users are encouraged to make suggestions and to make comments on their likings and disliking.

We know from consultation during gatherings, our general meetings, users’ comments and suggestions, etc that the service is most needed. In addition to all these the spontaneous attendance at the sessions and parents’ desire made us to continue the club and extend the activities.

Our programme adapts to the individual needs of the children based on their skills, abilities and interests. These needs are exceptionally diverse and the programme has scope to embrace this diversity.


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