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for anyone interested in sports and recreation activities and martial arts, for children, young people, parents, carers or sports trainers dealing with people with special needs, and disabilities, in or out of a wheelchair. PLEASE VISIT OUR NEW SITE
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We provide information where you can find specialist sports workshops one to one or for a group tailor
made to your specific concerns in and around London. Zodiac Arts a specialist company, fills a gap for special needs sports and recreation activities, for wheelchair users and those without.
Their creativity and adaptability allows them to make use of equipment designed for mainstream sports and recreation activities as well as ordinary everyday items and adapt and tailor make them for individual clients with special needs, as well as for carers and parents. We have started sessions ENERGISE' with fun new activities.
Zodiac Arts includes support for PE co-ordinators and support staff working with people with learning difficulties or disabilities. This consists of workshops delivered by a team of tutors with expertise in disability sport.There are opportunities for special needs teachers in mainstream schools to attend, to organise and conduct parents group's session, tasks and lectures by professional experts with the aim of providing education to parents with children of special needs. Particularly to improve health and body management, Sportorama for children and adults.
Building confidence through sport Personal one to one training and support
boccia via Zodiac Arts Official Launch Day We are all social creatures and are more likely to enjoy a sport or
activity when we play and interact with others. People with special needs are first and foremost people and their need for socialisation is not diminished by their other limitations.

Parents can look for groups that their children can join, encouraging even the most resistant child to take an interest in exercise.
People with special needs have the right to excercise as much as mainstream. While it can be frustrating at times for parents of children and adults with special needs to convince the rest of the world that they are not all that much different from “healthy” people, the fact remains that they have not only the need for exercise with specialist support, but also for acceptance, socialisation, and the development of self confidence. Exercise and participation in sports can help everyone to reach their maximum potential in a number of ways – which is vital for people of all levels of ability, no matter their special needs.
Check to locate organised groups specialising in activities for
special needs. If none currently exist locally, parents may want to consider suggesting one.
Some of the sponsors are Wheelchair users
The Capital Community Foundation

Grassroots grants
Fitness and fun are essential for all people especially for children and young adults with special needs, a wheelchair user or not. Laurence Carbon has developed role-play activities simulating manoeuvres choreographed around
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sport, for example reaching, jumping, throwing, pushing, placing objects, co-ordination skills and concentration.
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Laurence Carbon
Laurence Carbon Operations
Manager, Zodiac Arts, Martial Arts and Special Needs
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Zodiac Arts' launch day
A new project How to remain safe in the *Street by your verbal skills, mental attitude and basic self protection, self defence techniques.

Laurence Carbon Martial Arts Instructor, Special Needs Coach and Operations Director.
Street Wise is his new project. *Street: your home and community. Wise: Wisdom, Understanding.  Take power for your own safety through your mental attitude, verbal skills and basic self-protection, self defence techniques, in order to defuse, deflect, escape from a difficult situation.

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